# Access Frequency Restrictions

Once you got the access token, your application can successfully call the various interfaces provided by the CJ backend to manage or access the resources of the CJ backend.

In order to prevent application errors from causing an abnormal load on the CJ server, by default, each CJ user is limited to a certain rate of interface calls, and when this limit is exceeded, the corresponding interface call will receive a error code.

The following is the current default frequency limit, which may be adjusted by the CJ backend depending on operational conditions.

# Base Frequency

  • For an API, no more than 100 calls/second;
  • For an API, no more than 100 calls/second per IP;

# Special Frequency

Special settings:

  • For paid APIs, the amount of calls will be configured by the system and will be explained in the interface documentation.
  • Interfaces with a large I/O ratio, e.g. image uploads, see the corresponding interface documentation for details.